Baboon Sitting Atop a Rocky Outcrop Coloring Page

Baboon Sitting Atop a Rocky Outcrop Coloring Page

Get ready to color a baboon as it sits high up on a rocky place overlooking the savannah!

Creative Ideas for Your Coloring

Imagine what adventures the baboon is surveying from the top of the rocky outcrop.

Add some colorful birds or trees to the savannah scene to make it livelier.

Engage and Imagine

What sounds do you think the baboon is hearing from the savannah below?

Fun Fact About Baboons

Did you know that a group of baboons is called a troop? They work together to protect each other.

All About Baboons

Baboons are clever monkeys that live in Africa. They are known for their distinctive faces, long tails, and social groups called troops.

Baboons have sharp canines and are excellent climbers. They use vocalizations and gestures to communicate with each other.

Baboons are omnivores, eating fruits, leaves, insects, and sometimes small animals. They have unique personalities within their troops.

Share and Explore

Share your beautifully colored baboon with friends or learn more about baboons and their habitat!