Orangutan and Butterfly Coloring Page

Orangutan and Butterfly Coloring Page

Get ready to color an adorable scene where an orangutan is delicately holding a beautiful butterfly on its finger!

Spark Your Imagination

Imagine what the orangutan and butterfly are saying to each other.

Draw a lush jungle background for the orangutan and butterfly.

Join the Naming Fun!

Can you think of a name for the butterfly in this picture?

Fascinating Fact

Orangutans are one of the few animals known to use leaves as tools to clean themselves or even fashion makeshift umbrellas!

Learn More About Orangutans and Butterflies

Orangutans are large, gentle apes that live in the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. They are known for their intelligence and playful nature.

The orangutan’s long, orange fur and the colorful butterfly create a striking contrast in this coloring page.

Orangutans use tools like sticks to extract insects from tree bark. Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes, with fascinating patterns on their wings.

Spread the Joy of Coloring

Share your colorful masterpiece with your friends or learn more about orangutans and butterflies!