Cartoon Critters Soccer Fun Coloring Page

Cartoon Critters Soccer Fun Coloring Page

Join the little orangutan and friends for a fun soccer game in the jungle!

Get Creative with Critters Soccer

Imagine what kind of team uniforms the jungle critters would wear.

Draw a funny celebration dance for the winning team.

Jungle Critters Soccer Challenge

Which jungle critter do you think scored the first goal in the game?

Fun Fact About Orangutans

Orangutans are one of the only great apes found outside of Africa, living in the forests of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cartoon Critters Soccer Fun Details

In the lush green jungle, a cute little orangutan is having a blast playing soccer with other friendly critters like monkeys, parrots, and snakes.

The little orangutan is kicking the soccer ball with its long arms while the parrot acts as the referee, and the monkey cheerleaders root for their team.

Orangutans are great climbers and spend most of their time in trees. They are also very intelligent animals and are known to use tools in the wild.

Take Action and Share the Soccer Fun

Share your colorful jungle soccer scene with your friends and family or learn more about orangutans and their jungle habitats.