Gorilla Relaxing in a Jungle Pool Coloring Page

Gorilla Relaxing in a Jungle Pool Coloring Page

Imagine a big gorilla taking a cool dip in a small jungle pool! How do you think the gorilla feels?

Use Your Imagination!

What other animals do you think are in this jungle scene with the gorilla?

Draw some colorful fruits near the jungle pool to entice the gorilla.

Let’s Create a Story!

Can you make up a story about why this gorilla decided to take a dip in the jungle pool?

Cool Gorilla Fact!

Did you know that gorillas beat their chests as a way to communicate or show dominance?

Discover Fun Facts about Gorillas!

Gorillas are big and gentle primates that live in the forests of Africa. They love to eat fruits, leaves, and enjoy playing in water to cool down.

Gorillas have strong arms and are excellent climbers. They live in groups called troops and are known for their close family bonds.

Gorillas are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. Adult male gorillas are called silverbacks because of the silver hair on their backs.

Take Action!

After coloring, share your artwork with a friend or learn more about gorillas by reading books or watching videos!