Chimpanzee Astronaut Coloring Page

Chimpanzee Astronaut Coloring Page

Explore the galaxy with a curious cartoon chimpanzee astronaut floating in space!

What kind of adventures do you think the chimpanzee astronaut is having in space?

Draw some new planets or alien friends for the chimpanzee astronaut to meet on its journey.

Pack Your Space Backpack!

What would you pack in your backpack for a space adventure like the chimpanzee astronaut’s?

Fun Space Fact!

Did you know that astronauts have special Velcro on their gloves to help them grip objects in space?

Discover Space with a Chimpanzee Astronaut

Imagine a chimpanzee in a spacesuit, jetting through space among twinkling stars and colorful planets. This fun scene combines the wonders of space with the playfulness of a chimpanzee.

The chimpanzee astronaut adds a humorous twist to outer space exploration. Floating weightlessly, the character brings a sense of adventure and discovery to the cosmic setting.

Chimpanzees were the first animals to go to space in real life! They paved the way for human space travel. Some planets in our solar system, like Jupiter, have many more moons than Earth!

Share Your Cosmic Masterpiece!

Share your colored chimpanzee astronaut with friends and family to inspire them to reach for the stars!